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  • Can I leave my dog home for showings?

    There is one sure way to have potential buyers running for the hills- arriving for a showing only to be welcomed by an angry barking animal from the other side of the door or worse yet, running loose and straight for buyers. I’ve had clients who could medal in Olympic track under these types of…

  • Can I keep the couch?

    Your agent opens the door and you can just feel it… you found the home of your dreams and everything is just perfect, right down to the kitchen bar stools and window coverings. But, unless you speak up before you make an offer the bar stools & curtains may not be there when you close. Typically, anything not permanently…

  • My home listing expired…

    My home listing expired and now agents are knocking down my door for their chance to sell it.  If any agent can show or sell my home, why didn’t they sell it when it was listed before? The primary role of a listing agent is to effectively market your home to potential buyers and to…

  • Will storm damage kill my home sale?

    The recent storms have left many otherwise perfect homes with uprooted lawns, siding damage, and wet basements. The first thing to do when your home is listed and you’re hit with unexpected storm damage is call your agent. The key to a smooth transaction is keeping the lines of communication open. Your agent will want to…

  • How do I know if a home is in my budget?

    Having a budget is good, but you need to understand your lending options loan structure, term & maturity dates, and possible subsidized loan programs you might be eligible for. There are a lot of online tools that will help give you a ballpark idea of what you can afford, but nothing replaces the expertise of…