My Team

May I introduce you to some of the best professionals in the real estate community that I’ve hired to support the successful listing and sale of your real estate! Each of the professionals listed below play key roles in success of my office!


is the full-time Client Services Manager at my office.  Emily’s outstanding customer service philosophy and absolute attention to detail makes her a vital part of my office.   She has great experience in managing extremely busy and demanding professional lives. Emily makes keeping tight schedules on target, arranging closings with multiple parties, and the need to juggle multiple tasks at any one time look effortless. Her flexibility, attention to detail, bright personality, and years of experience in the real estate industry is a cornerstone of my clients satisfaction.

is an essential part of the communication from the Casey Watters Team. Our office has an extensive database as well as a precise system for finding new buyers for our listings. Breanna proactively prospects this database each day on behalf of Casey’s Listings. Breanna works hard for our clients, providing the highest level of customer service, individualized attention, and expertise in the area we serve! Her level of professionalism and market knowledge makes her a valued and trusted resource to buyers and sellers alike.

jaleesa-photoJaleesa Manaecke is a highly valued and enthusiastic part of the Casey Watters team at Real Estate Solutions. Jaleesa’s background in finance and administration helps her to organize and assist Casey and her clients through the home buying and selling process. Jaleesa also plays an important part in the client communications from Casey’s office and actively peruses potential leads. Her level of professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to all parts of the real estate transaction process is an asset to our office and clients.

As executive assistant to the Casey Watters office at Real Estate Solutions, Shelby takes a passionate approach to keeping
Casey’s office running smoothly. Shelby enjoys the fast-paced work environment of the real estate office and plays a key role in supporting the many administrative needs of Casey’s office.  Shelby and her family are life long residents of the area, making it easy for her to connect and relate to the many clients that she talks to everyday. Her attention to detail and commitment to our clients makes her a valued part of the Casey Watters team.


specializes in print and multimedia marketing, as well as digital media and website development. With 10 years of experience
in the field, her skills have evolved with the success of social media and mobile web communication. Through multi-layered marketing channels,
Sarah helps keep prospective buyers engaged with our office.